US Airways' Miracle on the Hudson

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Well on the theme of 'miracles never cease' it was truly wonderful to see the heroic actions of the US Airways pilot who averted a disaster and turned it into such a wonderfully positive story. What to make then of the CEO of US Airways, Doug Parker's remarks shortly after, in which there wasn't an ounce of human feeling emanating from him?


Click the upper left corner window for Mr. Parker's comments.

It's important to note that when such an event occurs, it's essential to speak to the feelings and actions of those involved as well as the sheer terror felt by them and their families. This should not be written by a lawyer. This was an extraordinary event by the pilot and crew; the passengers emerged from a truly terrifying situation and he needed to respond to that.

He can still recover some ground in the next few days, and from the look of it has already started to realize the deficit in human connection that he created, but it's an important lesson to learn about leadership. 'Show human feelings; connect with people. It won't hurt. But it will help to heal.'

Again, congratulations to the pilot Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger III, in particular and to the cool professionalism of the US Airways crew. To the passengers and the rescuers, you are heroes too!

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