The Prez and the Press

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Ah... the Inauguration was over two weeks ago and I can't believe it! The economy is still in the tank and we don't have world peace!!!! Omigod! Has President Obama let us down already?

The flame of the post-partisan spirit has already been doused in Washington and is barely hanging on in Ottawa- with the passage of the Budget.

It's been a brutal week for Mr. Obama - with the withdrawal of two major nominees over unpaid taxes [Tom Daschle and Nancy Killefer] along with the close call on the third - Timothy Geithner - who quickly paid $34,000 during the run-up to his confimation testimony and managed to survive. It's not as if we need a Treasury Secretary who pays all his taxes, right? Daschle meanwhile paid $140,000 on his confirmation journey to no avail, while poor Nancy Killefer's $900 oversight put her under.

So two questions emerge from this mess:
1. How much unpaid taxes can you get away with if seeking a major post in the Administration? I'm trying to get this straight - $30,000 is okay. $140,000 is not okay. $900 is not okay either. And the logic is...uh...yeah.
2. Could this be a new technique for governments everywhere to get people to pay their taxes? Put their name in for a nomination. Wait till the grilling begins and then the money comes rolling in!!!!

The Prez and the Press
So, as Obama-mania settles down to something approaching normalcy well-not-exactly... it's intriguing to watch some of the networks' media's approach to the President. Was it just me or did you not think that the soft-pedal approach of the 'Big Foot' Anchors - Brian Williams, Katie Couric, and Charlie Gibson were just a little too obvious?

Each of them were no doubt thrilled to be invited into the Oval Office for their "one-on-ones" with the new President. It also gave the Prez a chance to do what he does best - "take responsibility" for the appointment debacle and re-focus the issue back on the urgency of passing the stimulatus package.
Note his tone, manner and message? Hey it was just a little 'glitch'! You get the feeling that no matter what happens, it's going to be 'no drama Obama'.
This was definitely not Charlie Gibson's 'Sarah Palin interview style':

Broadcasters gone wild!

The day after the Inauguration, some journos seemed to be still celebrating....as in this clip from CNN's Anderson Cooper:

Was Diane Sawyer just tired? Or was she just doing too much celebrating?

Not to make too much of this, but perhaps Anderson's and Diane's tipsy 'reporting' were just the obvious manifestations of giddy journalists thrilled with the outcome? I could be wrong, but journalists need to get back to what they're supposed to be doing - objectively and professionally. The Obama Administration - and all of us - will benefit from journalists doing their job. Wouldn't you agree?

Until next time.....stay fair and objective, and for heaven's sake, watch those 'glitches'! At least - go easy on the booze!

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