"Roll out those lazy, hazy,crazy (wet) days of summer..."

Welcome back and Happy 4th to our American friends and Happy Canada Day (belatedly eh?) to our Canadian friends. We enjoyed a terrific day on July 1st - first at an annual get together at our friends' home in the neighborhood, and then we attended the National Arts Centre's Canada Day festivities capped off by the best fireworks display on Parliament Hill that we've ever seen! On July 4th we will be attending America's birthday celebration at the home of the American Ambassador. Even though David Jacobsen has not been confirmed by the Senate, as the new Ambassador, the Party will go ahead, and it's always a highlight of the summer.

Don't Cry for Him Argentina

Well summer craziness is indeed here. I've been busy with seminars, a court case and media consulting contracts, but not nearly as busy as South Carolina's Governor Mark 'I crossed the line' Sanford, who obviously woke up one day and asked himself, "what can I do to throw a nuclear bomb into my family's life and my Administration?" It is such a nightmare that if it wasn't on purpose, then his arrogance and narcissim know no bounds.

Words of advice to Gov. Sanford

A few words of advice to the Governor:
1. If you have to humiliate your wife and kids, then try to limit it to one occasion, not the cascading series of revelations about your other conquests and 'crossing the line'.
2. Don't quote the Bible as you try to convince your Cabinet and the State that deep down you're really a decent guy. You're not and be humble enough to admit it.
3. Leave now and don't let the door hit you...
4. Your wife Jenny did the right thing by not standing beside you in your strange, self-abosrbed admission. Her daily soundbites from behind the wheel of her minivan are so without vengeance and self-pity, and so classy and restrained, that you can never compete sir. And don't even try.

Michael Jackson Media Overkill

Michael Jackson's death is sad on several levels. Clearly he was a musical genius and pop icon. He was also a tragic figure, confused sexually,a boy-man whose lack of a genuine childhood condemned him to a life of perpetually seeking it. Sad. What's almost sadder is the predictable media overkill. Even television newscasts in Canada - local and network - are leading with the Jackson soap opera.

I have long ago given up on the 'urgent vs. important' bias of news media - particularly television - but this saturation rumor-fuelled media fixation says all we need to know about the 'tabloidization' of mainstream media.

However, we only have ourselves to blame as we certainly have the ability to switch the channel or turn it off. For many years now, it's "all the news you WANT to know, instead of you NEED to know" and we have to work harder to be more media literate and to demand from our media outlets that we want them to exercise balance. In the U.K. BBC viewers let the 'Beeb' know that they were angry about the Jackson over-hype. That's a start. I wonder if North American networks have been hit with the same backlash?

I hope you get a break this summer. Maybe we should all agree to switch off the media until they get their act together? Nah! We'll never do it....and they know it!

Until next time, take it easy, be safe and enjoy life. Did I ever tell you, you deserve it?

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  1. Hi Barry,

    I know! I write as the tribute concert is being streamed live on the internet. I don't think things will change with the media coverage any time soon. Look at how much ink and air time went to Anna Nicole Smith and she wasn't a tenth as famous as Jackson.