If I Were Roman Polanski's Media Advisor

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Finally, thirty years after fleeing America, Roman Polanski was arrested in Zurich. Much has been written about his drugging and raping a thirteen year oldIt begs several questions:
1. What was he thinking? By announcing in advance that he was coming to Zurich (to accept a lifetime achievement award), was it hubris that finally did him in? He had to have known that the warrant on him was outstanding. He gambled and lost.
2. Did his reaction help his case? All we heard was that Roman was "fightin' mad". I didn't hear "sorrow", "regret", "willing to face up to what I did", or anything to indicate that he gets it.
3. Did his Hollywood friends, French politicians or other elites help his case? Uh....no. They hurt his case. I mean, a character reference from Woody Allen? Gimme a break! It served to make him a caricature of the spoiled "law doesn't apply to me" ethically-challenged person that he obviously is.
4. What should he have done? The moment he was carted off to a Swiss jail, he should have issued a statement that he would voluntarily return to Los Angeles and ask the Court for mercy. His statement would make it clear that what he had done was wrong, and that he realized that there should be consequences.
5. What would the judge do? I believe that he would have got a light sentence in recognition of his apology and his willingness to recognize how wrong his actions were. (I'm not sure if he had been involved in any charitable work during his thirty years on the lam, but it sure might have helped too.)

However, remember "arrogance is its own reward!"

Is Canada Going to Have an Election or Not?
Now that the NDP has voted with the government on a major money bill (Employment Insurance reform) and has said it will not support the Liberal's non-confidence motion, there won't likely be a Fall election.

Who wins and who loses?

The Conservatives win by looking strong and sure-footed (neither weak nor devious). The Liberals have been saved from certain defeat; yet are empowered to continue voting every time against the government, with impunity. Given the recent in-fighting in Quebec Liberal ranks, however, that delay can only help the Liberals. the Liberals, however, have entered into a narrow channel - of all or nothing. That is high stakes poker with a weak hand. The NDP have survived to live another day but will have to avoid voting for legislation that they cannot stomach. That could be increasingly problematic as Stephen Harper - with one eye on the polls - might decide to feed Mr. Layton just such a 'meal'.

Until next time, remember the old Russian proverb:"the difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits."

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