David Letterman Apologizes....Eventually

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As previously mentioned in this blog, the only serious omission in 'David Letterman's Apologia', was, in fact, an apology to his wife and to his staff.
Now that he has taken care of that oversight (and that was quite an oversight - no doubt doubling his wife's rage levels, let alone the emotional impact on his staff), he can move forward. HIs goal now is to say as little as possible on the case.

A quick analysis of his follow-up apology is that he did an honest job of sharing the pain he has caused his wife. For an incredibly private public personality, it is something we have never heard before from Dave. So we will have to assume that his self-inflicted pain was ratcheted up pretty high on the scale.

He has an interesting way of combining a fairly blunt denunciation of his own behavior with humor. Usually the two don't mix. Because his first statement was missing the apology, he didn't quite find the right balance, but last night he did. So until the next wrinkle in this tabloid gossip saga, he can move on.

Speaking of television, I will be on the CPAC TV network this coming Sunday, October 11th on The Nanos Report, which airs at 10:30 A.M. ET or 7:30 PT and repeated at 8 p.m.ET/ 5 p.m. PT. It will be available the next day online at http://www.cpac.ca. Nik Nanos, one of the country's leading pollsters, has his own new weekly show, He and I discuss the Stephen Harper performance with Yo Yo Ma at the National Arts Centre last Saturday night - in terms of its potential to alter the public perception of the Prime Minister. As well, I commented one as what works and what doesn't in political advertising. It was fun. Check it out - I'll be taking attendance:)

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