Sarah Ferguson...what now?

Welcome back everyone!
Ironically on the very weekend that Canada celebrates the anachronistic Victoria Day weekend, what should cross our shores but a fresh scandal involving a member of the Royal Family, the one and only Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson. Take a look at this from the British tabloid, News of the World and the 'cash-for-access' sting they did on her, in which she promises 500,000 British pounds in return for access to her ex-husband, Prince Andrew:

So what does she do in response to the first report of the sting? Why, she denies it! Always a great strategy right? Clearly she responded without getting advice from a communications professional (unless it's the same one advising BP?) She eventually fesses up with a somewhat adequate statement (although note how her PR adviser throws Sarah under the bus). Note the passive verbs ("this has happened") and generic nouns ("the situation") in describing her actions:
Okay so what can Sarah do now?
1. Disappear from view. A minimum of six months to a year. Every appearance will just keep it before the public. She will be hounded for a few weeks, but eventually the tabloids and paparazzi will grow tired of staking her out.
2. Go to Haiti or some other devastated place and truly do charitable work. No media interviews.
3. When she re-emerges, stay totally humble. No excuses, no prevarications. Period.
4. Once she returns get a job. Sarah is a creative, intelligent person, with real talent for writing children's books (our boys loved the "Budgie the Helicopter" series).
5. Get  a serious financial adviser. One who is not attracted to her toes.


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