Happy New Year!!!

Welcome back to my annual New Year's blog post. I hope you had a relaxed and enjoyable Christmas and holiday period. I know I did! It was my perfect idea of a vacation - no commitments, no schedule, go to some movies ('The King's Speech', 'True Grit') read some books ('The Confession', 'Resistance') hang out with family and friends. Perfection! 
Below you will see my 'Quick Predictions for 2011'. But first, to finish off 2010 once and for all.....
I remember back in the day looking forward to Esquire Magazine's annual 'Dubious Achievements' year-end edition for their tribute to the strange, perplexing people and events of the year. So, to keep that legacy alive, I will be looking back with my mini-version of.....

Dubious Achievements of 2010
1. The reality TV series pitch from hell..... Fox TV's new sequel.....'Sarah Palin's 'Alaska Wimps'.
Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's popularity is slipping in her home state, according to a poll released Tuesday. The survey from Democrat pollster, Public Policy Polling (PPP), showed only 33 percent of Alaska voters have a favorable opinion of the 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee, while 58 percent have a negative one. Out of 10 states polled, only Massachusetts gave Palin a more negative rating (27- 68 percent.)

2. Dad's Cookies proudly announces the worst video contest entry in our history....Stephen Duckett, President and CEO of Alberta's Health Services is forced out following a disastrous effort to force feed a reporter one of his cookies. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5DxeCK5Ne_Q 
3. "She had that KKK look in her eyes - kind of reminded me of David Cameron."
In the final days of the 2010 British election, Prime Minister Gordon Brown meets the voter from hell on the campaign trail but then adds the death knell comment into the waiting microphones. Gordon Brown meets a 'bigoted woman'
4. If a two-bit Mafia gangster can't trust Santa, what is this world coming to?
5. "Coming soon to a nightmare multiplex near you, Aaron Sorkin's "The Sweaty Hoodie"!
This is a classic example of how not to do a media interview: Mark Zuckerberg Sweats Buckets in Media Interview  
Quick Predictions for 2011
1. There will be no federal election in Canada - the Government doesn't want one, and the Opposition don't either no matter how much they bark, scratch and paw the ground.
2. The Republicans in the House will flex their power and if they're not careful will find themselves in a similar position as the Newt Gingrich 'Contract with America' Congressional class of 1994-96 (which enabled Bill Clinton to come back from 'irrelevance'). President Obama may well do a 'rope-a-dope' strategy lulling them into threatening to shut down the Government, creating gridlock, thus throwing themselves offside with the American people (who just want government to work and their politicians to listen to them without playing partisan games). 
3. The first politician who says, 'what's a trillion'?, while talking about the U.S. debt of $14 trillion will be vilified. [The fact that no one has any clear plan to reduce it will go largely unnoticed, of course.]
4. The internet has already passed television as the main source of news for those between 18 and 30. For those between 30 and 49, they are on track to follow suit - if not late this year, then certainly in 2012. Internet set to be main source of news-PEW Research
5. As more mistakes are made in front of microphones by politicians, government officials and executives, there will be an increased demand for media training. And that, after all, is a good thing!

I wish each and every one of you a Happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

Until next time...

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