The 2012 Political Emmy Nominees are....

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Sunday night the Emmys were presented in a lavish ceremony in Hollywood. The upcoming political Emmys will be presented on Nov. 6th. It was inevitable that the 2012 campaigns - featuring a heavy reliance by the candidates on the talk shows and comedy programs would end up with their own Emmys.
The nominees for the 2012 political Emmys are.... 
1. Outstanding performance in a hidden video show, "The 47%" ......Mitt Romney at the now-infamous Florida fundraiser .... showing that he can captivate the nation after all.

2. The "I used to be the 'change' but now I admit you can't change from the inside" award goes to Barack Obama who did a giant U-turn on his core message. Hey, if he wins it, so much for the power of 'change' in the world of politics!
3. The 'be careful what metaphor you use' award goes to Romney aide Eric Fehrnstrom when he likened the need for Romney to change his political message in the Fall campaign to 'etch-a-sketch' forecast exactly what Romney needed to do -and is now doing. Coming at the end of a bruising primary campaign when Romney's conservative credentials were under constant attack, this metaphor was far more memorable than the Romney campaign would want.
4. Best supporting role by a political spouse award...was a close race between those dynamic and impressive women in an incredibly difficult role - until recently - between Michelle Obama and Ann Romney, when Ann was asked her response to critics within the party, she replied, “Stop it. This is hard. You want to try it, get in the ring. This is hard.” That may lead to Michelle pipping her at the post. Also Michelle's regular gigs on Letterman, Leno, and the daytime talk shows  might signal a whole new post-political career - which she hopes is four years away.
5. The 'how not to do a foreign tour' award goes to ..... the Romney campaign for his gaffe-laden London trip when he managed to insult Olympic organizers, the British people and topped it on a side trip to Poland when Rick Gorka, Mitt Romney's traveling press secretary at the Polish Tomb of the Unknown Soldier told reporters to "kiss my **s" and "shove it" (although that may have triggered greater support from his base).
6. The ' I know I have a plan - I just can't recall it' award goes to....Gov. Rick Perry, whose meltdown in the Michigan primary is now being ascribed to sleep apnea. Hey, whatever, but it pretty well sealed the fate of the Governor's Presidential bid.
7. The Rep. Todd Aiken 'open your mouth to change your feet' award goes to...a multiple winner in previous election years...Vice President Joe Biden - whose "going to put ya'll back in chains" comment is pegged to win in a fairly crowded field this year.
8. The lifetime achievement award in political oratory goes to...Bill Clinton whose speech at the Democratic convention so clearly outshone the President's (and everyone else's in both parties for that matter) that it pretty well guarantees that all future Democrat nominees will not ask him to speak at their convention again.
So I hope you're enjoying the political races wherever you are...but you know deep down that only if you exercise your hard-won right to vote will you be entitled to blame, complain or celebrate the eventual winners!
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