Merry Christmas from Florida!!!

Just a quick note on Christmas Day to wish all our family, friends, colleagues, clients and everyone a stress-free, enjoyable and fulfilling Christmas from sunny (well not exactly today, but hey that's okay) Florida!! For the first time in my life I celebrated the Big Day by taking a dip in an OUTSIDE pool. Just to do it, right?

Then what do I get Blackberried to me, but an 'ice storm' warning for Ottawa on Boxing Day. Was my immediate reaction, 'oh no, isn't that terrible?! Uh....no not really I confess. I had that certain Schadenfreuden feeling about it. But now I'm over that, and I do feel badly for anybody caught in it - especially since the famous Ice Storm of ten years ago still clings to my memory....long after the images of me trying to warm a cup of coffee in our sun room on a tiny camping stove thingy have drifted away, thankfully.

Anyway, no more Tiger...let's leave him in peace and hopefully he finds it. No more partisan slashing and burning on the political landscape (although that is so not going to happen).

So last night we went to St. Anthony of Padua Church  in a small town, San Antonio, nearby where they had a beautiful Midnight Mass at  at 10 pm (my favorite kind of midnight). But on the way home we stopped into St. Leo's Benedictine Church and attended the first half of the real midnight service with beautiful choral singing from the monks and a packed, amazing church. So that was a great way to kick start Christmas in the Clark Gris- uh McLoughlin household.

I hope your Christmas is beautiful!

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