Tiger does the right thing...at last!

We're getting nearer to Christmas and....I've actually bought a few gifts! I'm shocked at myself as I usually begin around noon on Christmas Eve. But as you can see by this Ottawa Citizen story today, Laura and I have at least got the house decorated:

Doing the Right Thing.....Finally

Well here I am back blogging about Tiger's crisis management efforts. However when somebody finally does the right thing (in response to having done the wrong thing) it's worthy of comment.

Earlier today, Tiger announced he is leaving the tour indefinitely to concentrate on getting his personal life together. Now where did I hear that advice before? Oh yeah...in my previous blog below this post.

Now I'm sure that's just a coincidence right? Although everyone fired off opinions on camera and in the blogosphere from the moment the story came out, strangely not one of them mentioned this possibility - at least that I could find.

Why do people have to keep learning the same (crisis management lessons) over and over again?

1. Part of the reason is that people tend to think only inside the box.
2.They rely also on old bromides to guide them in their thinking: "it's nobody's business"; "just go back to playing golf" blah blah.
3. Quite a number of so-called crisis management specialists and media consultants were filling the airwaves with sadly ludicrous advice that was definitely not objective. When a crisis happens, the crisis advisor must be the most objective person in the room.
4. A lot of people (especially the truly gifted in my experience) tend to think that the rules don't apply to them. That, of course, is why they got into trouble in the first place.

Check out his message below. It had the right tone of humility, vocabulary (he moved from 'transgressions' to 'infidelity') and his apology seemed very real:


How did this compare to my suggested message? You be the judge (see below)

Tiger finally has good advisors or perhaps he's now listening to them. They are now giving him realistic and solid advice. In this media circus, if he tries to go on with business as usual it would be total, frenzied chaos. No one - not even a man of such prodigious talents as Tiger - could honestly concentrate at the level required to be at the top of his game. All the mistresses will have used up their fifteen minutes of fame, while he takes the time to put his personal house in order.

Forgiveness and Redemption

Tiger, you did wrong and you have admitted it - without equivocation or excuse. You are a flawed human being. We all are.

Everyone who has done wrong should be given a chance to change his heart, make things right as much as possible, and should be forgiven. Through that process can come redemption. Here's hoping you find it.

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  1. Excellent advice as always, Mr.Griswold...err, McLoughlin!