Back in the saddle again....

Welcome back!
I hope you had a great summer! I decided to take the summer off from blogging just to see if the world would improve while I was gone. Guess what? It hasn't! Coincidence? I think not!
The summer is a great time to reflect on one's life, one's community and one's world. Fortunately....I didn't do that.... Instead I can say that I did learn a few things, and in this posting I will share them with you, my faithful readers.
Things I learned from summer vacation
1. Some people not only have no shame but will always try to inflict themselves upon us. Case in point: Parker-Spitzer
2. Who says actions speak louder than words? Sometimes you can go far by doing nothing. Case in point: The Republicans are on track to win a minimum of 40 House seats this November. Go figure.
3. All leaders get too much credit when the economy does well (Clinton, Chretien) and shoulder most of the blame when it goes off the rails (Mulroney, George W. Bush, Obama). In the end, leaders just have to do what they think is right without the illusion that it's going to get them any votes.
4. Some people will believe anything. I mean ANYTHING. I don't care what you say that wasn't Paris Hilton's purse. I know it was mostly her stuff in the purse but still it wasn't her cocaine!
5. Airlines can track your luggage within seconds on their computers. They just can't guarantee you're going to get it on the same flight as you. [thank you Delta]
6. California is a beautiful state with great people, cities, technologies and natural resources - yet how come it's so bankrupt?
7. Flying from Charlottetown to San Francisco isn't nearly as bad as it sounds. Honest! [thank you Air Canada]
8. I would love to live in Palo Alto, teach at Stanford, and have dinners in San Francisco. [all in the same day]
9. There is no one I know who spends more on wireless infrastructure in his home without actually getting any signal than me! [thank you Nova Networks]
10. When your hydro and gas companies owe you thousands of dollars due to overpayments, they will not rush to give it back to you. But in reverse? Well that's another story and I'll see if someone can get back to you.
Oh...here's one more...
11. If you have a mental meltdown, try not to do it in the middle of a campaign debate. Check this out:
Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer Melt-down  Maybe it was an illegal alien distracting her off camera?

Until next time....to paraphrase Bono and U2, we'll all go crazy if we don't go crazy tonight!


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